KD Harris : Founder | Editor

I’m KD Harris – a 20-something year-old hailing from Sweet Home Alabama. After graduating from college, I became a nomad – exploring and living in different states searching for what the world had to offer a young soul such as mine.

     Over the course of four years, I’ve moved from Alabama -> Ohio -> New Jersey -> Florida. Of them all – but of course my home state – New Jersey will always hold a special place in my heart. Why, you ask? Because this is where my admiration for fashion began […well not exactly in New Jersey but in the city that never sleeps, the Big AppleNew York City]. It is here that I had the opportunity to work for brands such as Stella McCartney, Ebony Magazine, Instyle Magazine and Stella Valle to name a few.

      By having exposure to amazing people and brands intrigued me to know more about fashion and inspired me to launch a personal blog – KeepinupwithKD.com. A blog centered around fashion + lifestyle through my eyes with interests from beauty and love to my crazy obsession for food – yes, I’m a major foodie; no kidding! However, I’ve decided to transform KeepinUpwithKD into a more refined outlet. 

     Welcome to wear.to.feast [WTF for short]!  🙂   Join in on my adventures as I share my two major obsessions – fashion [wear] to food [feast].


Chris Harris : Photographer | Editor

I’m Chris Harris – an IT professional and part-time amateur photographer.

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