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It’s my birthday month! (Well, last month was but I’m still playing catching up my Editor’s Note section so we will take this time to still celebrate!) I can’t believe I’m 27. It feels weird being almost 30. As I reflect back on the year 26, I’ve learned so much and I want to share with you.

10 Things I’ve Reflected On This Year

  1. Be Happy: It is important to be happy. Whether it’s in a relationship,  a job etc. Choose what works best for you. Choose happy.

  2.  You’re Beautiful: Even if nobody tells you, believe that you are.

  3.  Do What Scares You: Take a leap of faith, go after what you want!

  4.  Drama Free=GOOD: Value the people you hold dear to your heart.

  5. Attitude is EVERYTHING: Your attitude determines your altitude.

6. Be Grateful:  Don’t take anything for granted.

  1.  Progress NOT Perfection: Nobody’s perfect.

  2. Be An Example: People will stare, make it worth their while.

  3. Balance Is Key: Work hard, play harder.

  4. Show Up: Give everything 100%.

I hope some of these lessons help you along the way!

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