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*Disclaimer:  This post contains my own opinions and is sponsored by Alley & Rae Apparel.


Well….not quite. I mean adults really can’t take days off, right? If so please put me on the nearest island with a mojito in hand!  When I was a kid, I used to always say I can’t wait until I’m an adult. Now, that I’m an adult I just want to be a kid again where I only worried about things like what I’m wearing to school.  However, adulting is actually not that bad. There is a major perk to being an adult if you ask me. You can do what you want, when you want, and how you want without answering to anybody. Basically, you make your own rules. (Which is a kid’s dream!) Since becoming an adult, I’ve compiled a list on why being an adult is the best thing ever!

  1. You get to drink as much coffee as you want. (I know my caffeine lovers can appreciate this one).

  2. You make your own money. Allowance from your parents is chump change compared to the money you make when you get your own job. (It only gets better when you see more commas in your bank account! Trust me).

  3. No school.  Let’s face it, attending pointless meetings is a walk in the park compared to taking notes to your hands get numb. I didn’t say adulthood is all rainbows and butterflies but not having to go to school is lit AF!

4. No curfew. Curfew?! What is that? You can stay out at as long as you want because, “who’s going to check you, boo?”

  1. Total freedom. Being an adult is hard work! Perhaps, the best part about being an adult is the freedom of being in charge of your own destiny. So get on that unicorn, trot over that rainbow, and be who you are destined to be!

Speaking of adulting, I’ve partnered with Alley & Rae Apparel on this post to style the perfect shirt that pretty much sums up how I feel about being an adult. Alley & Rae Apparel products make a statement with fun graphics and encouraging messages with lots of humor.  We can all use more laughter in our lives, so go ahead and check them out! And, the next time you are feeling overwhelmed with being an adult, just grab a coffee and picture being at your favorite place sipping all of your worries away.

Photos byChris Harris
Where: Tampa Heights | FL
What I’m Wearing:
-Tee : Alley & Rae Apparel
-Pants: Uniqlo
-Shoes: Converse





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