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*Disclaimer:  This post contains my own opinions and is sponsored by Wood Watches.

“Giving opens the way for receiving.”

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holidays are amongst us, and I couldn’t be more excited. There are festive scents, decorations, delicious food, apparel sales, and more. The list goes on…

However, there is something that I absolute love around this time of year, and that is giving (which is especially dear to my heart). This can include sponsoring a family for the holidays, volunteering your time, or donating to charities.  All of which are selfless and kind acts. Below I have compiled a list of why giving is good.

3 Reasons Why Giving Is Good

  • Helps Provide Meaning/Purpose: Helping others assists with making you feel that you have a purpose/mission and that your efforts matter to others. If your efforts matter, then you matter.
  • Promotes Gratitude: Helping others out will give the perspective of how to be grateful and thankful for what one already has. When you realize you are making a difference in someone’s life, you get a sense of feel good.
  • Reinforces Karma (What Goes Around…Comes Around): Giving selflessly means giving without expecting anything in return. Someway, somehow things seem to come full circle.

I’ve partnered with Wood Watches by Jord to bring (in my opinion) one of many great gift ideas for the holiday season. I’m especially attracted to these watches because each one of them are modeled after a modern lifestyle that value sustainability, efficiency, and experiential living. Jord makes watches for people who don’t just have somewhere to be, but they have somewhere to go.

Let me start by saying that the packaging in itself is a work of art (see for yourself below). I chose to style the Frankie in Dark Sandalwood and Emerald.  This watch was designed for the minimalist in you.  Vibrant emerald green and intensely hued sandalwood meet to form a powerful yet soothing palette which is perfect paired with any look.  I decided to keep my outfit simple with a relaxed tee, tennis skirt, and Converse sneakers.

Be sure to check out their other watches at the men’s shop, women’s shop and Instagram for more style inspo!

In the spirit of giving, I have an instant coupon code for 25% off here. Once you enter your information a coupon code will instantly be emailed to you.  🙂

Photos by:  Chris Harris
Where: Harbour Island (Tampa, FL)
What I’m Wearing: 
-Watch: Wood Watch by Jord

DSC_0318 (1)





Until next time (xoxo),

Wooden Wristwatch

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